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Learning from Failing

Sometimes you win. Sometimes you fail epically. It's ok, as long as you learn.

Jen Smith
Assistant Director of Social and Digital Media | Division of External Relations
Third-generation Fort Collins native. Former Husker and pro softball player. Loves avocados, flip flops, cowboy boots, ice cream, playing the guitar, traveling, live music, dogs and DIY projects. Hates snakes. That's it – just snakes. Well, snakes and math. Proudest social moment: CSU's post for #LoveWins.

10 Things We Learned Despite Losing the #MyTopCollege Campaign

The Forbes #MyTopCollege campaign set out with one goal in mind: To have students across the U.S. show — and...

It’s Not a Hall of Shame: Embracing Failure in Social Media

The importance of turning a #fail into an educational win.

Nik Olsen
I came to CSU to study journalism and never left. In fact I’ve been here so long, I used to drive down Meridian Avenue. I currently serve as the Assistant Director for Presidential and Administrative Communications at CSU and have the chance to be part of the social media community here. When I am not on campus, I’m probably trying to convince my two sons to eat their veggies.

Don’t Get Too Cute… A Social Fail

Sometimes... you try to hard to post cool stuff and fail. This is one of those times. This is real life.

Tim Brogdon
Colorado State all way. Graduated in 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science, Minor in History. Basically, not doing anything related with my degree and it's cool. Love sports, cars, chats with fun people, beer, and the occasional vacation. Go Rams.