Facebook’s Big Changes

Facebook announced that it would dramatically cut back the influence of brand and publisher pages within the News Feed. Here’s why I am not in a complete freak out zone.

Social Analytics: Breaking Down Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights frustrate me. The Insights Overview isn’t accurate or consistent and sometimes doesn’t even work. If analytics are supposed to shed light on the performance of your content, the light shining from Facebook’s Insights tab is dim and flickering (at best). But as life tends to go, the answer we seek is out there […]

#CSUSocial Q&A: Getting To Know Michael Quinn

This is Michael Quinn. He’s the newest #CSUSocial intern, and he’s awesome. We’re lucky to have discovered him, which he talks about in his blog post for this month. He’s a talented photographer and a student of mechanical engineering, but we’re learning that he’s so much more. I sat down with Michael and got to […]