The Latest Instagram Updates

It feels like Instagram implements a new update every week lately. Just a couple weeks ago, the option to copy another account’s photo link was removed as an option for business profiles. It can be difficult to keep track of what’s going on update-wise, so here’s a recap of some of the latest changes:

Copy Link Option Removed for Business Profiles

To use an app like Repost, you need the link of the content you want to share to plug into the app. Instagram has removed the copy link option for business profiles on the mobile app, but there are a few workarounds:

Copy a link on the web (to use on Repost)

    1. Go to the post you want to share (with permission)
    2. Select the three dots at the top right corner of the post
    3. Select “Copy Link”
    4. Send link to phone (email, text, Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.)
    5. Copy link on your phone
    6. Open Repost app
    7. Select photo to be reposted
    8. Follow Repost steps and post to Instagram

Screenshot the photo

    1. Once the photo is screenshotted (with permission), post photo like usual on Instagram

Copy link from personal Instagram account

    1. Go to the post you want to share (with permission)
    2. Select three dots at the top right corner of the post
    3. Select “Copy Link”
    4. Switch back to business profile on Instagram
    5. Open Repost app
    6. Select photo to be reposted
    7. Follow Repost steps and post to Instagram

Shopping and In-App Checkout

You can shop from brands in the Instagram Feed, Stories and Search & Explore section. Tap the icon in a post to see which products are for sale. You can also tap the product name to view more details and visit the product site. In Search & Explore, select “Shop” button at the top of the page to view products for sale from pages you don’t follow.

Instagram recently implemented Checkout on Instagram – which Instagram has backed by Purchase Protection Policies. Only 16 brands are currently available through checkout.

IGTV Preview in Feed

IGTV is expected to pick up more traction now that a short preview of the video shows up in the feed. The user can tap on the video to view the full-length version or continue scrolling through the feed.

Highlights Cover Image

Instagram previously required cover images to be added to the story, but now you can simply upload your cover without the story step.

  1. Edit the highlight (or create a new highlight)
  2. Select “Edit Cover”
  3. Select the photo icon to the left to upload your own cover
  4. Adjust crop as needed
  5. Select “Done”

With the cover image update, you can create a cohesive highlights reel on your page without bombarding your audience with icons or photos.

Nametag Customization

Nametags can be great for colleges wanting to increase their following – they can be used for digital signage, print outs or any other instance for sharing usernames quickly. Instagram now allows customization between colors, emojis or selfies to best fit the brand needs.

To customize a Nametag:

  1. In profile, tap sandwich drop down menu
  2. Tap Nametag
  3. To customize, tap anywhere on the screen to change color or tap button at the top to change designs
  4. Once it’s customized, you can export the nametag as an image for any other uses 

Potential Future Updates:

Happy ‘gramming!