5 New Social Media Features that will Make Your Life Easier

Hand writing on paper next to phone and keyboard

You might have heard about some (or all) of these hacks. Or, these time-saving tools and features in social media might just make your day like they made mine.

1. Schedule Instagram posts through Creator Studio

Screenshot showing Creator Studio's Instagram scheduler tool

That’s right, Facebook now allows brands to schedule Instagram posts/IGTV through Creator Studio. From a single-photo post to an album, you can crop the photos, add a caption, name the location and schedule it for later. You can finally stop setting that alarm whenever you want to post a sunset photo to Instagram.

Unfortunately, you can’t add alt text, tag other accounts, or edit the photo (filters, brightness, etc.) within Creator Studio. But if you’re in a pinch and need to schedule out an Instagram post, you can do it for free through Creator Studio.

The function has been rolling out slowly, so if you don’t see the Insta-option yet, hold tight.

2. Toggle between Twitter accounts

Screenshot showing how to toggle between accounts on Twitter

Twitter has been upping its game, as well. If you use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite, it’s likely because you want/need to toggle between accounts quickly (among all the other reasons). Twitter has allowed users to toggle between accounts on mobile for years, and recently expanded that feature to desktop. We still can’t schedule tweets (unless it’s through Twitter’s Media Studio), but let’s celebrate the small victories.

In related news, Twitter now allows users to add GIFs to tweets directly through Twitter (rather than downloading them from Giphy and saving them to a computer first). Even better, you can also add photos, GIFs and videos in your quote tweets. Nobody is as happy about this change as our computer storage.

3. Respond to Instagram DMs on Facebook

Screenshot of the Facebook Inbox and Instagram Direct MessagesI have to give a round of applause to Facebook for this new feature 👏👏👏

When I have the choice to respond to direct messages via desktop or mobile, I always choose desktop.

Not only can I type much faster on my computer, but there’s a lot less room for error. I die a little inside if I accidentally send a message that has mistakes to a fan, and it can be hard to catch those pesky autocorrections when responding to a message on an iPhone.

Now, we can respond to Instagram DMs through Facebook’s inbox. This is such a timesaver, especially when a response requires a link to more information.

4. Download free music for your videos on Creator Studio

Screenshot showing Creator Studio's sound collection

Subscriptions to music services can be expensive. If you don’t have room in your social media budget for tunes, you can download music for free in Creator Studio.

5. Coming soon…”Facebook Rehearsal”

Facebook recently announced it is testing a “Facebook Rehearsal” tool that allows Pages to do a Facebook Live practice-run that only admins of the Page can see. If you’ve ever had nerves before going live (who hasn’t?), this will be a great option for you.

Beyond that, Facebook is going to offer a trimming tool that allows Pages to trim Facebook Live videos. We’ll be able to cut out those first few moments of the video while you’re waiting for an audience to build. Or, if you’re like me, you can trim the end of the video where you trip over a marching band student during the Homecoming Parade 🤦🏻‍♀️