5 Ideas for Finals Week Social Media Content

Finals are stressful. Planning social content for finals doesn't have to be.

The final weeks of the semester are the last hurdles to overcome before college students are able to dive into a much-needed winter break, or for some, Commencement. It’s typically a stressful time of year for students finishing up group presentations, delivering final presentations, and hunkering down for end-of-the-semester exams.

Scrolling through social can be a way to break away from studying (or it may be a distraction from studying!). Here are five ideas for content that might ease the pain of finals season.

1. Puppies

That’s it. That’s the idea.

Okay, okay, I’ll expand. Many colleges and universities have pet therapy programs designed for students to provide stress-relief. Nothing helps brings on the warm fuzzies and eases tension than petting a pooch. CSU has temporarily paused our de-stress with dog programs due to COVID protocols, but organizers are hoping to bring the popular program back in the spring. Even if you don’t have a pup IRL for students to pet, there’s nothing quite like seeing photos (or Reel) of a 10/10 pup hanging out on campus. It’s enough to stop thumb-scrolling on Instagram and take a moment to let the adorableness wash over you.

CSU Instagram post of a dog


2. Mental health and well-being resources

Acknowledging that this is a difficult time of year for a variety of reasons and providing resources for support is key. Our partners in the Health Network and Student Affairs host CSU Instagram Stories takeovers this time of year that are focused on providing students with mental health, stress management and well-being resources, as well as tips for finals prep. It’s critical to remind and encourage students that seeking help is a sign of strength.


World Mental Health Day, self care practices for Oct. 10: take a nap, enjoy a warm bath, practice positive affirmations, do something you love

3. Tag a Ram + note of encouragement

We all need a little help from our friends, right? Knowing that your community is rallying behind you may be the boost some need to finish the semester strong. We like to ask our fans to “Tag a Ram” who needs a little extra encouragement, extra love or extra support (or all three!) during the final weeks of the semester. These are some of my favorite posts because we typically see an outpouring of “you’ve got this” messages from our fans.

"You've got this" written in chalk on sidewalk

 4. Surprise studying students

 The library is the place to be during finals season. All tables, nooks and crannies are filled with students cramming for their final exams. For a bit of levity and (hopefully) a pleasant surprise, bring your mascot and have them offer a moment of encouragement to studying students. Hugs and High Fives is a favorite study break experience with our mascot CAM the Ram that we’re looking to bring back this year at CSU. There’s something special when a hug or high five from the mascot is just what stressed students needed.

A dean, beloved faculty member or university president could also be the one surprising students with words of encouragement or a study snack.

5. Study break activities

An ideal study break typically involves some good food and entertaining content. Study break activities that we’ve activated in the past include:

  • Hosting This/That prompts on IG Stories
  • Polls in search of the best study spots on campus
  • Asking fans for their favorite songs for a study playlist
  • Sharing adult coloring pages, word searches, mad libs and maze puzzles
  • Find CAM – a spin-off of the “Where’s Waldo” series
  • Setting up a jar of M&Ms at the campus coffee shop and people guess how many M&Ms are in the jar. The closest answer wins the candy and a gift card to the coffee shop.

Finals are stressful. Keeping that in mind while creating content will go a long way this time of year while meaningfully connecting with your audience.