Tag, You’re It. How to Deal with Facebook Spam Tags

We enabled the photo-tagging feature on CSU’s Facebook page since the very beginning. We like it when people tag themselves in our photos. That’s a cool part of Facebook. People choose to make themselves part of our content.

What’s NOT cool is when a spammer tags itself in 26 photos over the past year.

CORRECTION: 27 times. I kid you not, the spammer literally tagged itself in our latest Facebook photo as I am writing this blog post.

CORRECTION: 28 times. Another tag popped up over the weekend.

What’s even un-cooler is when that same spammer tags itself in a photo that you’ve boosted. UGH.

Meet Farooq Chuhan

This is the hollow and fake profile has been spam tagging our Facebook page since January 2017.

You may say, just ban Farooq Chuhan from your page. Problem solved.

Not so fast.

Farooq Chuhan is clever. The account has never liked, followed or engaged with any of our posts so there is no way to ban it. Literally, the Farooq Chuhan account will just show up as a tag in our posts every now again. The type of content in which the Farooq tags shows up is varied. Everything from pretty campus shots, to throwback photos and graphics.

I honestly didn’t realize that it was a spam account until Farooq Chuhan showed up in three consecutive photo posts that we published in October and one was a boosted. UGH. Thankfully I was able to go in and remove the tag after the post was boosted, but it still. It was annoying. At that point I was curious to see how many of our posts were tagged… turns out, it was 26 (now 28).

How to Remove Tags

Fortunately, it is easy to remove a photo tag.

1️⃣ Click on the photo.

2️⃣ Click on edit photo.

3️⃣ Delete the unwanted tag.

Needless to say, I wiped out all of the Farooq spam from our page. A welcome sight. Success 💪

I’m sure Farooq will tag itself again. I’ll be ready to zap it.