Five 2015 Pop Culture Phrases You Can Use On Social Media

Is on fleek even on fleek?

Here are a few phrases college students use that are also safe for your university social media accounts.

Just remember. Use them when it’s right. Not when it’s forced.

On Fleek

When you want to say something is on point or really great, use on fleek (especially when referring to eyebrows). However, “on fleek” is following the “bae” trend. At first it was cool. Then it was ridiculous and a little annoying. And now the young-ins use it ironically, a lot of times to describe things that actually aren’t “on fleek.”

I’m pretty sure nobody actually ever says on fleek in real life. It’s mostly on social media.

An example when to use this? On a sassy CAM the Ram Snapchat.

In my heart, yaaaas will always be trendy. I won’t be able to let this one go. This first became popular (to my knowledge) when the “yas” cat entered our lives. (It was a beautiful, beautiful day.)

Do we use it on CSU social media? Why yas we do. We tend to use “yaaaas” in our Buzzfeed articles and on Snapchat. It works very naturally on those platforms. However, yas is not a place for LinkedIn. Just don’t.

The amount of “aaaaaa” and “ssssssss” you want to add is up to you. It’s beautiful.


For some of you, salty isn’t a new word. In fact, my mom knows what it means (that adorable little angel).

When you’re salty, you’re angry, bitter, etc. This could work well for an athletics post on Instagram or Snapchat. But, remember to keep the rivalry classy.

No chill, zero chill

This no chill dog is literally life.

My favorite definition of no chill: When people type everything in all capital letters. Omg yas. Exactly.

Someone who has no chill or zero chill is someone who has lost their cool. Or they’re absolutely reckless human beings, like this toddler in a car.

I can’t think of a specific time to use this. But, in the right moment using the right (possibly inanimate?) subject could become social gold. Is someone Tweeting you about a crazy squirrel on campus? “It has no chill.”

Goals (relationship goals, life goals, etc.)


Goodnaaaass. I love this concept. So much, in fact, that I told the CSU social media team we should use it if we could find the right time to use it.

And find it we did. Chase found the picture. And this is what we did.


Don’t forget: Not everything an 18-year-old says is harmless (or appropriate for university social). Urban Dictionary is your friend. Before you post it, Google it.