The Power of Typography

Typography is composing fonts and typefaces in a meaningful way. Its power often goes unnoticed, despite its influence on everyone. Different moods, eras, regions and attitudes can be expressed simply from a type choice. A font or typeface can be playful, serious, classic or fresh.

When learning about how to pair type, combing serif and san serif types is a good place to start. However, it goes so much more in depth than that. Color, arrangement, decoration and spacing all have influence in the message sent by the type.

A designer can convey strength with a bold, compact look, or lightheartedness with a scripted font, paired with a light san serif. Even better, create contrast and hierarchy with type choice by putting a bolder, stylistic type with a light sans serif.

Here are a few examples of how type choice and composition can more powerfully convey emotions, attitudes and styles.

Aldine, the scripted type below, pairs well with Bebas Neue Thin. By using this combination of type and centrally adjusting it, it gives off a lighthearted, feminine and playful spirit.

Didot, a serif font often used in the fashion world is Vogue-esque and classy. Pairing Didot with Century Gothic conveys a fashionable, clean and classic attitude. By adjusting the type to the left, it gives a magazine appearance and makes it more readable.

Combining two san serif typefaces works well if it is done right. Aprikas Light (top), a lighter font,  pairs well with Bebas Neue Regular (bottom), a heavier and more compact font. Not only do they pair well, but when formatted into a crescendo-like form, it feels like the the words are getting louder.

Words can have movement and power when given the right type and composition. Graphic designer Paula Scher says, “Words have meaning, type has spirit”. Not only is typography visually pleasing, it is vehicle that delivers your message with more spirit and attitude.

These techniques can be used in advertising, web design, publication design, graphic design and even social media. Placing simple,stylish fonts over an Instagram photo or using them in videos produced to be shared on Facebook, create a stylish and professional voice. It will drive your message home and give your words power.