No Wifi? No Problem: Post an Entire Snapchat Story at Once

Have you ever wanted to create a Snapchat story but had no wifi or no cell service?

Or – wouldn’t it be awesome if you could pre-create all of your snaps and then upload them all at once without gaps in-between your posts?

Well, you’re in luck. There is a way.

Snapping in Airplane Mode is a great way to create a story when you are out of cell service range, don’t have access to WiFi, or have limited data. Record now, upload later. But why would you want to upload snaps all at once instead of one-at-a-time? Well, for starters, if you need time to create snaps with intricate doodles or text, there could be a gap in-between the times that you post snaps to your story. This could make followers who watch your story the next day miss the beginning when snaps start to disappear. Or maybe you’re covering an event and want your audience to experience it all in one delicious bite. Not in small nibbles.

It’s possible to create an entire story to upload at once. Even without WiFi or cell service. And it’s easier than you thought. Here’s how.

step 1a

step 2a

step 3astep 4astep 5a

Pro Tips:

• The snap on the bottom is the first one you created

• You can “quit” out of Snapchat before “tapping to retry” but do not “log out” of Snapchat while your snaps are waiting to be added to your story. If you log out, your snaps will not be saved.



Additional Tips:

• How to add music to your snaps

• Tips for what to, and what not to snap