Making Photos Social

Link to Presentation File: Making Photos Social

Strong visuals are important on social. Our brains are hardwired to process information more quickly and more effectively through visual displays than through textual representations. And the numbers support this notion. The Colorado State Instagram account has increased in followers from 2,344 (June 2013) to 17,745 (June 2015). Likewise, Facebook posts with visual components also reach a remarkably higher number of people.

“What is beautiful is good.”

Things crafted beautifully are perceived to be of higher quality. Your brand relies on your ability to elevate your visual presence. The attached presentation includes tips and resources for enhancing your image. For example, the rule of thirds is a common photography technique used to draw one’s eye to a particular part of a photograph. Color is used to evoke specific emotions. And these two apps are incredible resources for editing photos: Over and Afterlight.

For more detailed information, view the attached PDF version of this presentation.