Get To Know The CSU Vloggers

A Ram’s Life, our new vlog series featuring life at Colorado State, is officially off and running.

We’ve got three excellent student vloggers who roam around Fort Collins, camera in tow, and document life as a student here. To get a taste for each of their CSU experiences, head over to A Ram’s Life on YouTube and be sure to subscribe. But first, check out the Q&A below for a basic introduction into the worlds of Ryan, Grace, and Jamie.

What is your name and where are you from originally?

Ryan: I’m Ryan Haynes and I am originally from Centennial, CO.

Grace: My name is Grace and I’m from Ashburn, Virginia. I’ve lived there for almost my entire life.

Jamie: My name is Jamie, and I am from a town outside of Portland, OR!

What is your major at CSU?

Ryan: I am a fourth year studying communication with a minor in film.

Grace: I am currently planning to major in Communication Studies with a minor in Film Studies.

Jamie: My major at CSU is Business Administration.

Why did you choose CSU?

Ryan: I chose CSU not only because I’m a third-generation Ram but because during my tour and orientation, I saw the inclusive and fun environment CSU holds!

Grace: I chose CSU because I’ve always loved Colorado, so when my senior year of high school came around, I applied to five schools out here. But when I stepped foot on the campus and toured CSU for the first time, I fell in love. CSU feels like home and there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s the perfect school for me.

Jamie: I chose CSU because of the positive and inclusive environment that I felt during my campus tour. Three hundred days of sunshine and an amazing business program were also reasons that brought me to CSU. I also love getting out of my comfort zone and love the outdoors which is two more reasons why I chose CSU.

What is your favorite part about vlogging?

Ryan: What I love most about vlogging is the creativity to take a part of my life or day and express that to other CSU students! I love sharing and telling stories, so when I am allowed to in such a creative way, it really excites me!

Grace: My favorite part about vlogging is being able to capture raw moments as they happen: there’s no script, little to no planning — it’s just natural. I love being able to go back and rewatch some of my favorite moments.

Jamie: My favorite part about making vlogs is being able to create videos that are entertaining for viewers and/or can help them in some way. One of my favorite videos I have made is about my hormonal acne journey and my experience with Accutane. This was one of my favorite videos because I received many DM’s and comments asking questions about my skin journey and I was able to give others advice and encouragement with their skin health. Vlogging also makes me step out of my comfort zone in many ways. I started my personal YouTube channel (@ Jamie nicole) with a seven-day phone-free challenging which was challenging in many ways. Lastly, vlogging has created an outlet for me to record my life and experiences which I can look back on.

What are you most looking forward to during your experience as a CSU vlogging intern?

Ryan: I am most looking forward to growing as a filmmaker/creative spirit during my time as a student vlogger. When I graduate, I plan to make creative media in some respect, so I want to grow my skills and maybe start getting a sense of my style through my videos.

Grace: I’m most looking forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone. Vlogging every week will give me an excuse to go out and find different opportunities for new content. This means going to school events, participating in school traditions, etc. Vlogging is going to give me the college experience that I’m looking for!

Jamie: I am so excited about being a CSU intern. I am excited about the opportunity to film CSU events and share about my experience at CSU in order to hopefully motivate future students to choose CSU. I have loved everything about CSU, and I have found happiness here and want future students to as well.

What is your favorite class so far this semester?

Ryan: I am taking and have taken American Sign Language classes at CSU for three years now, and I absolutely love it! Shameless plug for ASL if you’re interested at all.. take it! 🙂

Grace: So far, my favorite class this semester is without a doubt my Intro to Women’s Studies class. I was on the waitlist for this class and I’m so happy I got off of it. I look forward to every class because it means having such interesting and educational discussions. It’s only been a month or so but I’ve already learned so much.

Jamie: My favorite class this semester is Business 100. It is my favorite class because each day we get to hear from a guest speaker who educates our class on a specific business concentration. I am so grateful that we have a class like Business 100 because hearing from experts on each concentration has helped immensely in making my concentration decision. My professors are also very caring and helpful, and I feel an atmosphere of positivity and motivation in that classroom.

What is your goal for the future?

Ryan: One goal of mine for the future is to create media for the public that changes the typical narrative/stigma around certain identities. I believe film is such a powerful medium that can change the way people perceive the world, and if I could contribute to that I would love to!

Grace: My goal for the future is to do something with my film studies minor — I’ve loved to make videos for as long as I can remember! While I’m not entirely sure where it’ll take me, what’s important to me is that I’m producing content that makes myself and others happy.

Jamie: My goal for my future is to help others. I am very interested in nutrition and would love to make a difference in children’s health through nutrition. I am working with the career management center currently in order to create a better idea of what I want my career to be.

What’s the last show you binge watched?

Ryan: I am currently watching/binging Pose on Netflix! It’s about the LGBTQ+ ballroom culture scene in the 1980s, and follows closely with the documentary Paris is Burning. Great show!

Grace: The last show I binge watched was (and I’m embarrassed to say this) the most recent season of Bachelor In Paradise. The Bachelor Series is one of my guilty pleasures, and I just can’t get enough of it! I’m addicted, unfortunately.

Jamie: I am binge watching Game of Thrones right now and it is AMAZING. I am also constantly rewatching the office because it never gets old.

What camera gear did you use and which program do you edit with?

Ryan: I use a Canon M100 camera with a basic tripod I found on Amazon. For editing all my videos, I use Adobe Premiere Pro.

Grace: When I vlog, for the sit down portions of my videos, I use a Panasonic G7 camera. When I’m on the go though, I use my iPhone XR because it’s light, portable, and the camera quality is still really good. For my other videos, I use my GoPro 7 with a gimbal as well as my GoPro Karma drone when I can! I edit all of my videos using Final Cut Pro on my MacBook Air.

Jamie: In most of my videos, I use a small Nikon vlogging camera and iMovie. I also use my Canon DSLR in some videos for scenery clips/overall high-quality clips. During days I am vlogging I will also use my phone occasionally.