9 Social Media Updates to Know for 2023

New year, new changes to algorithms, features and more.

A thumb pressing on an Instagram app icon on an iPhone.

Here’s the SparkNotes version for 9 updates to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and LinkedIn you should know going into 2023.

(Warning: It’s mostly Instagram, because Instagram has been BUSY.)

1. Schedule Instagram Reels and posts in the app

Finally. Instagram is going to let us schedule posts and Reels through the app. Gone are the days of having to rely on your computer and WiFi to schedule out posts, and I think that deserves a long-time-coming cheers 🥂

Users will be able to schedule posts up to 75 days in advance and can find the scheduling tool in the “Advanced settings” when publishing.

ICYMI: Instagram also updated its desktop version in 2022, making it much more user friendly and, well, relevant to use.

2. Instagram “Notes”

I’m sure we were all thinking Instagram could use another feature in 2023 (😉) and they delivered.

Instagram started rolling out Notes last month, allowing users to post a text-only update. Things to know:

  • It only allows you to post up to 60 characters (an even stricter character limit than Twitter in 2006)
  • It only appears at the top of your inbox and is only visible to followers you follow back or people on your Close Friends list
  • Users can reply to your notes, and their responses will show up in your DMs
  • It’s only visible for 24 hours

In my research, it sounds like brands might be using this for giveaways/special discounts/etc. I’m not sure, yet, how we might incorporate this into CSU’s Instagram strategy.

Learn more here.

3. Instagram Candid Stories

The social copycat strikes, again. Candid Stories is basically a copy and paste of the BeReal app, sending users a daily notification to encourage them to post what they’re doing in that moment to Instagram Stories. Like BeReal, only users who post a Candid Story will be able to see Candid Stories from other users. Instagram is currently testing this feature out on both Instagram and Facebook Stories.

Here’s what Instagram says about Candid Stories.

4. Instagram Group Profiles

You’re familiar with Facebook Groups, right? Well, Instagram made something similar: Group Profiles.

A Meta spokesperson said they are testing the ability to join a Group Profile and share Stories, Feed posts, or Reels with group members, “so people can connect with others over their interests in a dedicated space.”

I haven’t seen the ability to create an Instagram Group on my account or CSU’s, signaling that Instagram is still in the testing phase of Group Profiles. My first thought is this could be a unique way for higher ed accounts to engage with specific audiences (students, alumni, prospective students, etc.) and segment messaging on Instagram.

See what Group Profiles are all about.

5. Instagram Collaborative Collections

Collaborative Collections gives accounts the ability to save posts into shared collections that are viewable to selected users.

While I’m not sure whether business accounts/brands can use this feature, I did want to note this new feature (along with the previous feature) to point out that maybe Instagram is realizing it has gone too far trying to be every other platform out there.

They completely restructured Instagram’s feed to mimic TikTok’s. They prioritized Reels over other content to compete with TikTok. They are throwing in yet another feature to steal BeReal’s users. They are trying to keep up and compete with other apps rather than figure out what make Instagram unique and (more importantly) what Instagram users want from the app. Did they do too much too fast? Is it backfiring?

Group Profiles and Collaborative Collections are bringing back what made Instagram successful in the first place: Seeing content from the people we know and want to engage with. It will be interesting to see how Instagram evolves over the next year.

6. Explore new ways to make TikTok videos using TikTok’s Photo Mode

You’ve probably seen tons of users make videos using TikTok’s Photo Mode over the last couple of months. While it’s still a fairly new feature, it was immediately popular among users.

Photo Mode is essentially a photo slideshow, and allows users to add up to 35 pictures at once. I like the feature for a couple of reasons:

  1. It makes it easier for creators with fewer resources to get in on the TikTok action. If you’re a social team of one, odds are you don’t have much time to create a bunch of TikTok-specific videos. But with Photo Mode, small teams can supplement videos with these photo slideshows. And, the fact that they’re so popular hopefully means you’ll get just as much, if not more, engagement on it.
  2. I feel like this was TikTok’s way to compete with Instagram’s photo-based posts. And I’m here for it.

7. Twitter For You Feed

Like TikTok, Twitter is now defaulting to its For You feed when users open the app, which means Twitter’s algorithm will show users tweets it thinks users want to see first, regardless of whether users follow those accounts or not. Users can swap over to the Following tab to see tweets from accounts they follow in reverse-chronological order.

8. Schedule posts on LinkedIn

I still can’t believe it’s taken LinkedIn and Instagram THIS long to allow users to schedule posts, but it’s fine. I’ll get over it.

LinkedIn is rolling out the scheduling feature to users, and I guess if I’ve waited this long, I can wait a little bit longer.

9. Facebook is getting rid of Creator Studio

You might have seen the notification at the top of your Creator Studio webpage, but if not, it might come as a shock that Creator Studio is being replaced by Meta Business Suite. I’m sure there are varying opinions on this, but I, a loyal Creator Studio user, am sad. But I’m also hopeful new tools on Meta Business Suite will make publishing (especially when it comes to accessibility) more robust.

That wraps up my 9 updates. I hope you all have a wonderful and viral-worthy 2023!