24 Hours at the VTH

by Kellen Bakovich

The Project

In December, I had the opportunity to go to CSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital for two days and photograph nearly every department at the hospital. The purpose for this project was to show everything that the hospital does for the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences magazine, Impact, coming out this spring. I got to scrub in to two different surgeries; one surgery was for a horse and the other was for a dog. It was truly an incredible experience, especially knowing that this will be my first time having my photographs published.

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There are two major takeaways that I have from this project. The first one is that capturing moments in a high-intensity setting is difficult. During both of the surgeries and in a few of the other departments we visited, I felt as if I was always in the way of the surgeons and veterinarians. The other takeaway is that I took more than 1,000 pictures in two days, which was actually very helpful. I was able to provide plenty of different looks of the same scenes, but I also had to go through more than 1,000 photos to use only about 50 of them.

Tips For Photographing Difficult Settings

The first tip I have for capturing a story in an intense setting is to be creative. When I wanted to capture one moment at a specific angle, but couldn’t because I would be in the way of the veterinarians, I had to be creative and quick to find a different perspective to shoot from. Another tip is to take too many photos, because with a multitude of different angles, there is an opportunity to create and tell the same story in different ways. Having multiple different angles and exposures allows for a lot of margin to edit each of the different shots in a unique way.

The Photos

Below are some of my favorite photographs from the photoshoot.

Veterinarian performing surgery on a horse.
A kitten receiving a check up after surgery.
The Medical Records office in the VTH.
This final photo was used in a national article about Dr. Brian Scansen on cardiology.

Attached below is the link to view the article with my first ever published photograph.