20 Tips for iPhone Photography

If you’re like me, you carry your iPhone with you almost everywhere you go. That means you have a powerful camera right at your fingertips. The best camera is the one you know how to use. So let’s take a look at some simple tips to keep in mind when taking photos with your iPhone. Feel free to add your tips in the comments.


1. A good iPhone photo is a good photo. Don’t be afraid to call yourself a photographer.

2. Turn on the ‘grid’ to better frame your shots (Settings < Photos & Camera < Grid).

3. Learn the Rule of Thirds.

4. There is no ‘magic’ app, but there are some good ones, like VSCO and Over, that can help.

5. Shoot from different angles.

6. Tap for focus and exposure. You can automatically focus or refocus, expose or re-expose, any part of the image you like.

7. Show depth of focus.

8. Zoom with your feet not with your phone.

9. Shoot at your subject’s level.

10. Shoot behind glass (your car window) on a frosty or rainy day to capture nature.

11. Use black and white to help tell a story.

12. The best light is natural light. Never use the iPhone flash.

13. Capture reflections. If it’s pretty, it will be twice as pretty.

14. For distraction free shooting, turn on Airplane mode.

15. Push the power button to minimize your camera app. Your camera app will open automatically next time you swipe to unlock.

16. Be timely. Post photos that coordinate with the weather, time of day, etc.

17. Keep it simple. The best looking photos often have very little editing.

18. The more you shoot the better you’ll get.

19. Sometimes the best filter is #NoFilter.

20. Don’t edit and cross the street at the same time. You’re welcome for this one.

Your iPhone is a very powerful tool when it comes to photography. So get out there and take some beautiful photos.