Using Pinterest for Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

Ben Silberman grew up in Iowa spending free time collecting bugs. Evan Sharp was an architect. Paul Sciarra played in a country-western band. Joining forces in 2010, these three men who have studied at Yale, the University of Chicago and Columbia founded Pinterest, which has quickly risen to become the third most popular social network […]

Social Analytics: Breaking Down Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights frustrate me. The Insights Overview isn’t accurate or consistent and sometimes doesn’t even work. If analytics are supposed to shed light on the performance of your content, the light shining from Facebook’s Insights tab is dim and flickering (at best). But as life tends to go, the answer we seek is out there […]

#CSUSocial Q&A: Getting To Know Michael Quinn

This is Michael Quinn. He’s the newest #CSUSocial intern, and he’s awesome. We’re lucky to have discovered him, which he talks about in his blog post for this month. He’s a talented photographer and a student of mechanical engineering, but we’re learning that he’s so much more. I sat down with Michael and got to […]

Kevin’s Walk: By The Numbers

Last month, I wrote about analytics being the bloodstream of a social strategy, indicating the vitality of a brand. After posting Kevin’s Walk, our brand burst into life with a pulse as lively as ever, and the post quickly became our most successful piece of content of all time.