Meet the Newest CSU Vloggers

Get to know our new student vloggers on A Ram's Life: Amanda, Frankie, Jenny and Tiaira.
Student vloggers Frankie, Tiaira, Amanda and Jenny posing for a photo in front of a brick wall
From left: Frankie Clements, Tiaira Johnson, Amanda Monticue and Jenny Yoon.

A Ram’s Life, our vlog series featuring student life at Colorado State, welcomed four new vloggers this fall.

The YouTube channel features CSU students who roam around Fort Collins, camera in tow, and document life as a student here. Since the launch of A Ram’s Life in 2019, the channel has gained nearly 13,000 subscribers and has amassed 2.4M views. That success is largely due to our amazing vloggers who helped us start it all: Alex, Grace, Jamie and Ryan.

As Alex, Grace and Jamie prepare to graduate from CSU in the coming months, we’re entering the next era of A Ram’s Life by welcoming four new vloggers to the team: Amanda, Frankie, Jenny and Tiaira.

To get a taste for each of their CSU experiences, head over to A Ram’s Life on YouTube and be sure to subscribe. But first, check out the Q&A below to get to know Amanda, Frankie, Jenny and Tiaira.

Four individual pictures of the student vloggers with their names below their pictures. Text reads Amanda Monticue, Frankie Clements, Jenny Yoon and Tiaira Johnson

Where are you from?

Amanda Monticue: I’ve lived in Mississippi most of my life, but I’m originally from Colorado and just recently moved back!

Frankie Clements: I am from Villa Park, Illinois.

Jenny Yoon: I am from Aurora, Colorado, but I moved around a lot when I was younger. I’ve lived in Texas, California and Incheon, South Korea!

Tiaira Johnson: I am from Aurora, Colorado.

What’s your major?

Amanda: I am majoring in journalism and media communication. I’ve always had a passion for writing, editing, video and photography. I also enjoy meeting new people and learning who they are and where they’re from. I’ve always felt that everyone has a story that is not like anyone else’s. Everyone’s story needs to be told and heard, and I want to be a part of that.

Frankie: I am majoring in zoology and I chose it because I love animals and would like to dedicate a life to protecting them.

Jenny: I am a second year journalism and media communication major. During high school, I really had no idea what I wanted to major in. When I started doing my research on the majors that CSU offers, journalism and media communication caught my eye. Realistically, it was something that I could see myself doing in the future and enjoying. I wanted to join a major that I could see myself enjoying and wanting to learn more about, and JMC seemed to be the perfect choice.

Tiaira: Right now, I am a second-semester, first-year student and my major is journalism and media communication. I chose my major because I really love writing and being able to express my thinking in different forms. I also really love the media side, as well. My aunt is an actress and she really inspired me when I was 4 years old to do something in the media/theater field. I love social media platforms and expressing ideas through social media, so I figured this would be the perfect major for me.

Why did you choose to come to CSU?

Amanda: I am truly so honored to be called a “Ram.” CSU is so special. I chose CSU because when I walk around campus, I can instantly feel the Ram love. People are so kind. The campus is absolutely stunning. There are so many limitless opportunities available for everyone and anyone. CSU wants students to grow into who they are and who they’re meant to be. If you go here, you will do just that.

Frankie: The scenery was gorgeous and they had everything I desired for what my needs were.

Jenny: Since I was young, the idea of college and living away from home was always a scary thought. Going to an in-state university was something that I was very sure I wanted. The fact that CSU is not too far from home is one of the main reasons that I chose to attend this school. However, I had only ever heard positive things about CSU. After doing some more research of my own, I found out that CSU students are known for being very nice and kind. I love the thought of “Rams take care of Rams.” I also knew that I want to study abroad during my time at college, and I found out that CSU has so many great options to study abroad, so by the time I started applying for colleges, I was set on coming to CSU.

Tiaira: One reason I came to CSU is because I wanted to be close, but far away from home. I didn’t want to be too close, but I also didn’t want to be so far away that I’m home sick. So, I figured staying in state would help me not miss my family so much. The second reason I chose CSU is because they offered my dream major. This community is very friendly. We show amazing school spirt, even at our worst times. I also love our saying, “Rams take care of Rams.” Lastly, I chose CSU because of the beautiful campus. We have amazing sunsets and sunrises, along with the campus being very spacious and clean.

What’s your goal for the future?

Amanda: I love journalism so much that I’m not entirely sure of what I want do specifically, yet. However, in the future, I do know that I hope to have a platform where I can bring a positive change and difference in the world. 

Frankie: I hope my degree leads me to being heavily involved with animal conservation efforts and a lifelong job at a facility where field work is conducted.

Jenny: It would be a dream to be able to work in the U.S., as well as Korea within this field. I am Korean-American, so living and working in Korea has been something that I have wanted to do since early high school. As of right now, I am not too sure of what I want to do, but I would love to work in advertising or social media management.

Tiaira: I have a few goals for my future with my degree and also without. After I graduate, I plan to go to a dental program so I can earn my dental assistant license in pediatric dentistry. The reason for this is because I want to be able to do something fun outside of my major. With my degree, I hope to be able to join a news team and become a news anchor for Fox31 News, or even be able to travel and be a news anchor somewhere else. Aside from this, I also plan to keep creating vlogging content. My major also includes being able to be a game show host. So I would love to do something fun like that.

What’s your favorite part about vlogging?

Amanda: My favorite part about vlogging is being able to express myself and document different moments that can go in any direction. It can be whether I’m happy or sad, laughing or crying. Those are all the good times and are so special. It’s life. You will never get to go back to those certain times, so it’s amazing to be able to look back at those memories in the future.

Frankie: I enjoy the freedom of it all. Being able to have the free-flowing creative mindset and abilities only leads to great projects.

Jenny: My favorite part of vlogging is looking back on the vlogs. Whenever I vlog, I know that I am capturing a moment in time, and I feel like that is such an important thing. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how amazing is a video? I am so happy that I started vlogging because I have the opportunity to look back on the amazing memories that I have made. Sometimes, my friends from high school will send me a Snapchat message of them watching my graduation vlog or my last day of high school vlog, and it genuinely makes me so happy. I know that daily vlogs may seem insignificant to an extent, but I know that these everyday moments will one day become precious memories. 

Tiaira: My favorite part about vlogging is editing. I love being able to add music over my videos and just seeing how the video comes from many clips into one BIG project. I also love vlogging because it encourages me to try new things I haven’t done before, or to even create a better version of myself by working harder.

What are you most looking forward to during your experience as a CSU vlogger?

Amanda: I am so thrilled to be a part of A Ram’s Life! I am looking forward to connecting with and relating to current CSU Rams and prospective Rams about college life and what’s it like here at CSU. I hope that I will be able to help prospective students decide if they could see themselves here at CSU.

Frankie: I look forward to showing people some of my favorite spots around town and bringing attention to things some may find entertaining.

Jenny: As someone who has been watching the A Ram’s Life vlogs since before entering college, I am so excited to be a part of the team! The videos on A Ram’s Life were such a big help for me when I was entering CSU, so I am the most excited to be a help for incoming students just like Jamie, Grace and Alex were for me. I love the idea that I may be providing information and just overall peace of mind to some incoming students who have no idea what to expect all while doing something that I enjoy. 

Tiaira: I am most looking forward to meeting some of the viewers we have. I am also looking forward to seeing their reactions. I think one of the biggest things, too, is being able to be a part of some of the viewers’ days. It feels amazing to know you make someone’s day with your content, and because of this, it encourages me to want to make a change and have a positive outcome on their life.

What gear do you use to film and edit your vlogs?

Amanda: My Canon Powershot G7x Mark ii camera, iMovie and tripods are always a must for me.

Frankie: I have a Panasonic Lumix G7 DSLR camera for recording, a Go-Pro, and I use Filmora and Premiere Pro for my editing.

Jenny: I use my iPhone 13 Pro Max to film, and Vllo and iMovie to edit as of right now.

Tiaira: Some of the gear I use is a ring light, Canon 420 and iPhone 11. For editing software, I use iMovie, Capcut, Phonto, Picsart and Canva.

What’s your favorite social media platform you use personally?

Amanda: Instagram is my favorite social media platform. You can post pictures and videos. You can text and video chat with friends. I feel like it’s one of the best social apps where you can personalize it for so many different uses and share your life.

Frankie: I really enjoy Instagram because it’s where I get the bulk of my news, life updates of friends and sports updates.

Jenny: My favorite social platform to use is Instagram. I have just been using Instagram for the longest out of any other platform, and I love how connected I am with everyone through it.

Tiaira: My favorite social media platforms are Instagram and Snapchat. I love the variety of filters on Snapchat and the camera quality. I love Instagram because of how engaging the followers are. I also think it’s really cool to see what people are up to.

Who is your most-listened-to artist on Spotify?

Amanda: I just recently got Spotify, and I know that I’m kind of late to the Spotify world. Lately, I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift a lot. Midnights… absolutely love!

Frankie: JuiceWRLD.

Jenny: BTS is my most-listened-to artist of all time, but BlackPink is my most-listened-to artist as of late.

Tiaira: Unfortunately, I do not use Spotify. The platform I mainly use is Youtube. I love watching Mckenna Walker and JajiDior on Youtube. I also really like to play animal crossing on my free time while listening to old R&B music.

What’s something interesting most people don’t know about you?

Amanda: I’ve known how to crochet for about three years, and I find it to be so much fun! I’ve made a blanket, boot cuffs, and scarves.

Frankie: I hate olives. I hate them on pizza, salads and everything. Olives are my least favorite food in this entire universe and I will spend the rest of my life hating on them.

Jenny: One of my favorite pastimes/hobbies is dance. I am usually in the studio if I’m not in class or in my dorm. My friends and I are in a K-pop dance cover club on campus called COKO Choreo!

Tiaira: An interesting fact about me is I am an only child. But, technically I have a younger cousin who is like my brother. I hate licorice and I also have an auntie who is an actress and works for EcoHero in California. Since she’s an actress, she really inspired me with my dreams of theater and content creation.