Meet #CSUSocial’s Newest Team Member

Hi, I am Arnesh Koul.

The Journey so far

I have worked in different capacities at CSU for almost 3 years now and have donned a few hats. I started working as a student intern with internal campus communications. It was followed by working with public affairs to measure the efficacy of the University’s PR campaigns. Now, in my present role as a Marketing Analytics Coordinator I try to utilize data to help enhance the University’s standing among external and internal audiences.

I was born in a valley tucked in the mountains in the northern part of India. My birthplaceArnesh Koul has been a conflict zone for some time now, so my family moved to safer parts of the region where I grew up. I surprise my friends who are from the U.S. when I say that I have experienced cold seasons and snowfall in India. Almost all of them perceived India to be a country with a hot and humid climate. They are right to a certain extent but there is a lot of diversity in terms of geography in addition to a rich cultural heritage.

I was working in a digital marketing company in Mumbai, India, before I decided to come to CSU to pursue a Master of Computer Information Systems. One of my close friends had graduated from the program, and he encouraged me to apply. During my research I found CSU to be a hidden gem – a University focused on research, having excellent infrastructure, experienced faculty members, a diverse student population among other things; and Fort Collins – a warm and welcoming community. It wasn’t long before I landed here that I realized that all of these things were very true. My journey so far has been exciting and filled with experiential learning. I gained a master’s degree here but the experiences that I gained by learning about different cultures and the people who have converged in this beautiful city have been the highlight of my journey here.

I consider myself to be a friendly and easy-going person, but that probably changes with some situations and people. I like to travel, and learn about different places, people and cultures. If I had to choose an alternate career path, I’d have been an anthropologist. I am passionate about data in the world of digital marketing – a domain that is ever changing.

The way forward

I am proud to be a part of such a talented team at CSU. I have been a big fan of the team’s work since I saw the perfect conception and execution of the Kevin Hoyt story. The story reached over 5 million people on Facebook but the beauty of the story didn’t lie in the numbers. It lied in the way it captured the spirit and the ideals of the students which make this University. CSU is full of such remarkable stories, and my objective is to use website and social analytics data to help tell these stories in the most optimized way possible.