Hey You Guuuuys: My New Year’s Resolutions

When #CSUSocial decided to dedicate this month’s blog to our New Year’s Resolutions, the first thing I thought about was that moment in The Goonies where Chunk confesses to the crooked Fratelli family every bad thing he’s ever done.

I’ve related to Chunk for most of my life. Clumsy, hungry, over-exaggerate-y, scared of nature. I was always jealous that he got to be best friends with Sloth. So, in times of great contemplation, it’s no surprise I ask myself, “What would Chunk do?”

Facing our New Year’s Resolutions is just like facing the Fratelli family–and can be JUST as scary. First, we have to admit what we’ve done wrong, then we have to find a gentle giant chained to the floor of a basement in a foreclosed restaurant who can help us escape our problems in exchange for a Baby Ruth. Okay, not quite. But maybe you see where I’m going with this.

Here’s a confession list (Chunk style) of all the mistakes I made in 2015, and how I plan to turn them into resolutions.

(Yes, since you’re reading my list, it makes you the Fratelli family. Embrace your inner villain. Don’t ruin this for me.)

I doubted myself

It’s easy to do, just like the Goonies did when they were tempted to end their journey and have the unbearable, terrible Troy pull them out of the wishing well. We all have those weeks where our audience doesn’t interact with anything we share across our social platforms. Doubting yourself is the worst thing you can do; it puts you in a slump for the whole week (maybe even month). So, for 2016, I resolve to never doubt my knowledge and capabilities.

I had good ideas I didn’t follow through on

Work gets busy. Like, really busy. It’s easy for me to push a good idea aside for fear of my project turning into Andy’s piano-playing: mediocre. Luckily, I’ve had a great work team to watch and learn from. Team Social shows it’s possible to turn a good idea into reality–even when you’re under the pressure of hitting the wrong piano key and sending all your friends to their plummeting deaths. This year, no idea will go without good, ol’ fashioned trying.

I got comfortable


The Goonies chose adventure to solve a problem. It’s easy to get comfortable sitting at your desk. But you can’t beat the social content you get when you get out of the office and go adventuring. I resolve to choose adventure to solve more of my slow content weeks. And, like Chunk, I’ll probably break something along the way.

I didn’t celebrate the small victories

Sometimes, getting 5 likes feels like you just found One-Eyed Willie’s treasure. I want to remember that I have victories every day; I just have to notice them. It’s like when Andy asks “Do you think there’s really any treasure?” And Mikey replies, “Andy, this whole ship is a treasure.”

Remember when Chunk and Sloth came in at the very end to save the Goonies from the Fratellis? And Sloth announces their arrival with the most popular line from the whole movie, “Hey you guyyyys!” Yea, I want to have one of those moments, even if a small one, every day.

I didn’t eat enough ice cream

Chunk’s insatiable ice-cream cravings led him right to a murder mystery, which eventually led him right to his future best friend, Sloth. While terrifying, it’s also incredibly appealing.

Well, that about does it for me. I hope you all find your inner Goonie and can make 2016 the best yet. Thanks for reading my resolutions rant and happy new year!

Love, Chunk.

Chunk doing the “Truffle Shuffle” provided by bonappetit.com.