#CSUSocial Intern Life: Education Beyond Graduation

With graduation, comes the end of my formal education. With graduation, comes a time when I do not have a set track.

I have always known with certainty where my next steps would be and, in less than 30 days, I will be stepping out of this part of my life into something new. Despite not knowing where I will be in a month, I do know what my hopes I have for myself.

I hope to…

Continue to learn and grow in my field by challenging myself to utilize my existing skills and always learning new ones. I want to be in a role where I will be challenged creatively and daily.

Sharpen my creative eye and voice, without complacency, to further my talents and inspiration to create work that I am proud of.

Add consistently to my ever-growing list of software and communication skills, allowing me to create work that fulfills its purpose by successfully communicating its message.

Work with a team who supports each other and works well together. Having worked with Team Social has highlighted the benefits of working on a team with a great dynamic and a diverse set of skills. Everyone learns from each other, supports each other and accomplishes their goals together.

Contribute to a positive work setting and atmosphere. Being a part of a workplace that promotes the fostering of diverse ideas, creativity and high standards of work is something I value.

These hopes for myself are to serve as a reminder continue to an education beyond graduation. Although not a formal education, I plan to be educated by being challenged daily to grow my skills, mindset and value as a team member.