A New Year, A New Resolution

As is the custom in the beginning of January, I’ve been reflecting upon this past year and thinking about where I want to challenge myself in 2017. What will I resolve to do in the coming year?

From a social and digital media landscape perspective, my resolution could be how I want to focus on fine-tuning our social media marketing strategy in order to maximize our digital budget. Or I could do a deep dive into native marketing on social media channels and investigate the balance of authenticity and marketing initiatives. Or maybe my 2017 New Year resolution is to continue to study how we leverage data and analytics into our strategic decision-making.

Actually, I want (and intend to do all of these things) but they are not my New Year resolution.

Instead, I am turning to Disney’s Frozen as my inspiration for my resolution. In 2017, I’m letting go. (Inspiration also comes from the time spent with my nieces and nephews over the holidays and this song will NOT escape me).

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I’m letting go (temporarily) of one of my most treasured roles and responsibilities — serving as the day-to-day leader of CSU’s kick-butt Social and Digital Media Team. In January my husband and I are excited to welcome our son into the world. Baby Stern is our first kiddo and we can’t wait to meet him. I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to spend the first couple of months of his life getting to know him during my maternity leave. But while I’m getting used to the brand-new role of Mom, the show must go on for #CSUSocial.

This is bittersweet for me because as ridiculous as this may sound, #CSUSocial is my first baby. For the past 10 years I’ve had the great opportunity and privilege to grow Colorado State University’s social media presence from the ground up. I published CSU’s first Facebook post. And I was behind our first-ever Tweet. Heck, I could have a baby book showing how #CSUSocial grown up into something truly special these past couple of years.

I’m no longer a team of one. I’m truly grateful and honored to work with the best in the biz – Jen Smith, Chase Baker and Ashley Manweiler. They are the ones who give life to #CSUSocial day in and day out. They’re the real deal. And they’ll do a knockout job.


These next few months will go by quickly and I know that I am standing at the precipice of my life profoundly changing with the introduction of Baby Stern. I’ll cherish the time with him but will also look forward rejoining the #CSUSocial team this spring.

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