Make it Rain… for Student-Athletes

At Colorado State, our athletics donor club is called Ram Club. Like most schools around the country the name process goes as follows: insert mascot and add club.


What’s not so simple is engaging donors on social media, especially seeing it turn in those desired dollars (insert money emoji). Our Ram Club social media peeps, Jamie Hall and Tanya Ocana, came up with a social media strategy that engages those already on social and get them to contribute to Ram Club. What came out of their campaign, “50 States in 50 Days” was nothing short of miraculous. Here are some of the highlights:

50 States in 50 Days

  • Goals
    • Attain a total of 25 or more Athletics donors in states without a Ram Club donor (9)
    • Raise at least $3,500 in donations
    • Raise national awareness
    • Use low-risk, low-cost “call-to-action” marketing through social
  • Methods
    • Weekly social posts based on specific states, asking fans to tag/encourage people they know to donate
    • Supplement with emails to those states
    • Use graphics with states, fill them in and thank those who donated, give validity to the campaign through visuals on social
  • Evaluation
    • Total of $38,966 in donations accepted (goal of $3,500)
    • 178 out-of-state donations during the time period to 19 different athletic funds
    • Plan of success for future campaigns

Have you had a successful stint on social with getting donations, or monetizing social like this? If so, share! We’d love to see what others have done to see success in this facet of social!