4 Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

Let me set the scene for you. It’s the week before classes begin and campus springs to life as 6,400 students move into the residence halls. It’s chaotic but heartwarming. Next up, it’s the first week of classes leading into the season opening football game. Campus feels like a college campus again.

And for #CSUSocial, Facebook started to feel like it did in the old days (before the algorithm change in January 2018).

By the Numbers: Aug 13-26, 2018

14 Days 📅

15 Facebook posts 📱

755,680 people reached 👤

11,339 reactions 👍



205,548 video views 📹

From the engagement drought that was summer break, these two weeks were a sweet oasis. Here’s what worked for us to get that engagement up and rolling on Facebook.

No. 1: Go Live

Live video is a proven trend in the social media landscape and is one that our team strategically capitalizes on. Live video offers authenticity that social audiences crave. We’ve found Facebook Live works well in showcasing seminal events, new buildings/facilities and campus experiences.

During this two-week period, we went live four times on Facebook.

New building tour

Our Warner College of Natural Resources opened its brand-new Michael Smith Natural Resource Building for the fall semester – and we took our fans on a tour to check out the cool new space.

Quick engagement stats: 31,281 people reached, 243 reactions, 84 comments, 41 shares, 9,895 video views

Facebook Live tour guide

Campus experience

Ram Welcome is our freshmen welcome program that launches the Thursday before classes begin. Convocation is the first big event where President Tony Frank and the CSU community welcome the Class of 2022. We went live.

Quick engagement stats:  34,739 people reached, 690 reactions, 96 comments, 74 shares, 13,733 video views

Convocation stage at Moby Arena

New campus facility

A campus dining center was completely renovated over summer break and it opened just in time for the fall semester. It is located in-between two beloved residence halls. We took a live tour and alums couldn’t believe the transformation. This live video generated more than 300 comments – alums were jealous and current students got a sneak peek at the hip new place to grab a bite.

Quick engagement stats: 69,825 people reached, 463 reactions, 315 comments, 100 shares, 32,855 video views

Outside of Foundry Dining Center

Green and gold tradition

Finally, we went live at the season opening football game. More on that later.

No. 2: Hit them in the feels

Going to college is a big deal… for parents, too. Emotion spurs engagement. This #CSUSocial video of move-in hit an emotional spot by bringing parental perspectives into focus.

Quick engagement stats: 97,737 people reached, 1,200 reactions, 78 comments, 137 shares, 49,496 video views


No. 3: Fire up FOMO

Another benefit of live video is that it creates a FOMO (fear of missing out) effect. We engage our online audience if they are unable to be on campus for events or experiences but our ultimate goal is get people back to campus. We show fans what’s happening with the intention of spurring them to make plans to come for a visit.

Before every home game the marching band, cheerleaders and spirit squad, CAM the Ram and fans cheer on our Rams football team as they walk into the stadium. We call it Ram Walk. And we went live for the first Ram Walk of the football season. Our goal was to give people chills and nudge them to make plans to come to Fort Collins for a game this season.

Quick engagement stats: 40,658 people reached, 919 reactions, 160 comments, 108 shares, 17,191 video views

Cheerleaders at Ram Walk

No. 4: Fill in the _____________

This is a tried and true technique for us. We gave this concept a move-in twist… and fans participated.

Quick engagement stats: 29,041 people reached, 592 reactions, 140 comments, 29 shares

Screenshot of Facebook post

Pro Tip: Housekeeping items such as liking comments and responding to them help your posts to reach more people because Facebook is counting your page interactions as engagement. More engagement signals to Facebook to deliver your content to more people. And, it’s just solid customer care practice to respond and engage with your fans when they’ve chosen to interact with you.