Learning Video Production

CAM the Ram and toddler in stroller

First video project

Around Thanksgiving this last fall, I made my first video for CSU Social Media, and my first actual video with a purpose ever. The Ram Handlers, student who care for CSU’s live mascot, brought CAM the Ram to Jax Ranch and Home to create a fun Black Friday Shopping video with CAM. I learned a lot about video production in this experience.

What went well

I used Premier Pro CC to edit the video, which was good because I already had a little experience with how to use it, partly from using it prior to this video and partly from watching multiple YouTube videos on how to use certain tools. Also, with being a photographer, I have a lot of experience in color corrections and applying LUTs or in other words, presets to make the video look pretty. A lot of the shots I got turned out very well too, which surprised me because going in I had no idea what angles and shots would look best for this type of video.

What I learned

I learned that the most time consuming part of video production is finding music to go along with the video, music that fits the vibe of the video and goes well with the video transitions. This part took me the longest, to first find the right song, and then to make the video flow well with the song. I also learned how I want to focus more on getting good b-roll footage, I noticed that my b-roll that I did get was not great.

Tips for next time

For my next video, I want to premeditate the feel I want viewers to have when they watch my video, that way I can scope in on specific shots that will work well with that feeling as well as have an easier time finding the right song. I also want to do multiple takes of the same scene at different angles and view points, because I found myself struggling to turn scenes that I didn’t shoot very well into scenes that go well with those I shot better.

Overall, it was a very cool experience and fun first video to make, I look forward to diving into video production more!

CAM the Ram on shopping trip