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Success is never owned; it is only rented – and the rent is due every day

Rory Vaden

The primary ingredient for progress is optimism.

Simon Sinek

Love what you do.

Doubling User Retention With Interactive Video

Interactive video allows storytellers to deliver long-form narratives while maintaining audience interest.

Kevin’s Walk: By The Numbers

Last month, I wrote about analytics being the bloodstream of a social strategy, indicating the vitality of a brand. After posting Kevin's Walk, our brand burst into life with a pulse as lively as ever, and the post quickly became our most successful piece of content of all time.


A ship is safe in harbor, but that is not what a ship was built for.

William H. Shedd

It’s genuinely humbling to think that a simple personal goal could explode into more than a million connections.

Kevin Hoyt

If want to be truly great, you have to work as hard to be a great teammate as you do to be a great player.

Jon Gordon