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Aw, Snap! My New Year’s Resolution

I’ve always found Winter Break at CSU a prime time to reflect and recover from the fast and furious rhythm of the fall semester and mentally prepare to do it all again in the spring semester.

In thinking about 2015, I feel like we really hit our stride as a team. As a result we were able to implement a dynamic social strategy that delivered impactful content that spurred meaningful engagement for Colorado State. And, we had a lot of fun while doing it.

Of course as a team we’ll continue to work harder, better, faster, and stronger in 2016 but in thinking about what I personally wanted to resolve to do in 2016, it all comes down to the snaps.

My New Year’s Resolution is to up my snapping game. (Add ColoradoStateU on Snapchat).

Why Snapchat?

-100 million daily active users

-60% of users are in a key demographic for us: 13-to-34-year-olds

-According to Pew Research, Snapchat is now the #3 network for teens, behind Facebook and Instagram, with 41% of teens 13 to 17 using the platform

-Anecdotally, roughly 50% of our incoming Class of 2020 have already shared their Snapchat handles in our Schools App program run through our Office of Admissions

-And it’s fun. And weird. Like this:

giphy (1)

To me, Snapchat is a relatively intimate experience that can be deeply personal. Unlike other social networks, there’s no outward race for likes, shares, views, comments. For brands, and for us here at CSU, it’s all about making a connection with your fans. Like these snaps from our fans.
PicMonkey Collage

It’s about meeting your audience where they are. And then building a relationship with them. And I love that. That’s one of my favorite aspects of my job. The chance to create meaningful micro-moments with our fans. There’s no better place to do that than Snapchat.

Here’s my problem. Snapchat intimidates me. Because…

It can be time-consuming constructing a thoughtful Story. And I don’t have time. Who does?

Pressure to be clever. And cool.  Despite my best efforts, my cleverness and coolness are not always on fleek.

My drawing/artistic skills are *very* limited. Stick figures and scribbling are in my wheelhouse and that’s about it. (Full disclosure, this stick figure is far too advanced for my skill-level)

giphy (2)

In 2015 I shied away from taking on Snapchat duty from time to time. But that changes in 2016.

How I’m confronting my Snapchat fears

It can be time-consuming constructing a thoughtful Story. But it doesn’t have to be. I’ve found that some of the best Snap stories are the ones that are short, sweet and simple. Like this one from CSUCAMTheRam (add him now).


Pressure to be clever. And cool. If the clever and coolness factors are not on fleek, just use emojis.

IMG_8302 2

My drawing/artistic skills are *very* limited. Scribbling is acceptable in the Snapchat universe. Whew!


By simply doing the work is the only way I’ll get better. But thank goodness I have a rockstar team to learn from… and to assign Snapchat duty 😜