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Give Your Fans What They Like

Your University has one sure-fire asset that will make your followers race for the “like” button… your logo.

If your fans are anything like ours, you probably see a massive sense of school pride surrounding images of your school colors, mascot and logo. After all, these are the images that link your fans to one of the greatest times in their lives – college.

What did we do?

While experimenting with creative ways to incorporate our logo into a stand-alone graphic, I took a shot at creating one image that was comprised of several small images. I used the Ram head in the CSU logo to create a festive, Ram shamrock… or should I say “RamRock?” Maybe it was the “luck of the Irish” or maybe people appreciated a unique approach to wishing them a Happy St. Patrick’s Day – either way, the image turned out to be a “pot of gold” at the end of our social rainbow. To date, the image below has garnered 2,566 likes and 378 shares on Facebook, nearly 1,000 likes on Instagram and was a success on Twitter receiving 54 retweets and 69 favorites.


How did we do it?

The first step was creating a silhouette of a shamrock in Illustrator. Second, I copied and pasted several Ram heads, enlarged them, then placed them in the larger open spaces of the shamrock silhouette. Next I copied several medium sized Ram heads and placed them in the smaller open spaces. Finally, I reduced the size of the Ram head and placed these in the smaller spaces, using them to flow along the shamrock’s border, filling any other small gaps. 131 Ram heads later, I ended up with an image of a Shamrock with some serious school spirit. Be careful not to stray too far from branding though – fortunately for us, our school colors match the Irish flag – well, green is one of our main school colors, and orange happens to be one of our throw-back colors. We used this to our advantage when crafting the text for our Facebook post, which read, “St. Patrick’s Day [seynt pa-triks dey] noun: March 17, the day the rest of the world wears OUR colors.”

Because this style of graphic was successful for us, we have utilized similar concepts for a couple other occasions – graduation and Year of the Ram. So get creative and make something cool with your logo, or even create an image of your mascot. When done simply, your fans will go loco for your logo.


Jen Smith

About Jen Smith

Third-generation Fort Collins native. Former Husker and pro softball player. Loves avocados, flip flops, cowboy boots, ice cream, playing the guitar, traveling, live music, dogs and DIY projects. Hates snakes. That's it – just snakes. Well, snakes and math. Proudest social moment: CSU's post for #LoveWins.