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5 Tips on How to Manage Social Media…When it is Only One Part of Your Job

Keeping content compelling across social media platforms is both challenging and time-consuming. But ensuring that you have fresh content will help keep your current followers engaged and may even garner you some new ones.

But what happens when social media is only one aspect of your communications strategy and serving as a social media manager is one of many hats that you wear? Here are some tips that might help you from feeling like you are neglecting your social media channels.

1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

There is a temptation to utilize as many channels as are out there or to embrace the trendiest of channels, but you must resist. Think about how many channels you can manage and manage well. Creating a bad social media presence on a given site can be worse than having no presence at all.

2. Thoughtfully repurpose content

One size doesn’t fit all but if you posted a story on your website or if you were mentioned in a print publication, maybe you can use some of that content on social media channels. Think about what works for that social media audience and adapt the other content to make it work. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

3. Share the work of others on your channels

Our campus has a smart and creative Social Media Team that produces a bunch of catchy social media content for the campus’s channels. Often sharing their posts and videos can help fill a void. Ultimately, look for “bigger dogs” that are producing great content you can share (without having to make it yourself).

4. Keep it simple

Sometimes you just need to tell your followers to have a nice day or show them a picture that will make them happy. These need not make up your entire content on a social media platform, but every once in a while, especially when you are busy, you can just post something quick and easy.

5. Take a day off.

Although it may not seem like it, the world will not end if you don’t post something today. It isn’t a good idea to go long stretches without posting on your channels but you (and your channel) will survive if you miss a day here and there. Better to take a day off than to force something that just doesn’t make sense.

Jason Kosovski

About Jason Kosovski

Jason Kosovski is the Director of Communications for the CSU College of Agricultural Sciences. He manages all of the college’s internal, external, and strategic communications including print, web, and social media. He has taught courses in public speaking, gender and language in popular culture, and film theory. His research interests focus on gender, race, and class as depicted on reality television, and he worked for The Jerry Springer Show.