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Getting Your Fans to Interact

Who did you become?

We asked. They answered.

Never mind our on-campus brewery, our mountainous playground we call our backyard. Forget the fact that we have one of the top three vet med programs in the United States – of course we still create assets to draw people to our University.  At the end of 2014, Colorado State produced a really cool commercial titled, “Find Your State.” The commercial took a simplistic, unique approach to showing students on why they should be Rams. The commercial didn’t pound statistics or rave about our world-renowned research (though we could have), it focused more on the emotional experience offered at Colorado State. It turned out that socially, it was also great way to remind our alumni of their life-changing experiences and memories they created here.

The end of the commercial leaves the viewer pondering this thought… “With each new experience, discovery and triumph… you become who you were always meant to be. And what you’ll remember is your state of curiousity. State of unity. State of awe.”

So how could we capitalize on this concept for our social platforms? How could we remind alumni how awesome we are? Well…. we asked.

Get people talking… or typing, that is

We had a great asset to work with – the commercial – which is a huge part of the engagement equation. But having a great asset isn’t always what gets people talking. We had to be thoughtful in order to craft the right text for our Facebook post. We decided to use a line from the video, then follow it up with a question of our own: Who did you become? Followed by a call to fill in a blank: I found my State of ________________.

find your state

To date: Almost 108,000 reached. 184 shares. Just shy of 1K likes. And some really amazing comments. Nearly 100 of them. And some might just bring tears to your eyes. We discovered that people didn’t just leave CSU with diplomas, they left celebrating a new state of acceptance, leadership, opportunity and accomplishment. And many others. See the entire thread, including the gem below, HERE

state of

 What did we learn and why did it work?

Want an answer? Ask a question. Whether it’s sharing a photo of their puppy on National Puppy Day, or uploading a photo of what they’re doing over Spring Break, people will respond if you ask. But be direct. Don’t assume that people will comment and reply. Sometimes you straight up have to ask for it. We have found that our fans really do love sharing with us. And in this case, we got some really heart-felt comments from alumni and students. Encourage your fans to “comment below” or “post a photo in the comment section” – you’d be surprised how many people have photos on their smart phones that they are willing to share. Just be sure that you are acting with intention and don’t over-use this technique. A little directness goes a long way.

We hope you find your State of Engagement.

Jen Smith

About Jen Smith

Third-generation Fort Collins native. Former Husker and pro softball player. Loves avocados, flip flops, cowboy boots, ice cream, playing the guitar, traveling, live music, dogs and DIY projects. Hates snakes. That's it – just snakes. Well, snakes and math. Proudest social moment: CSU's post for #LoveWins.