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Microvideo and that Coolorado Feel

So I’m trying to make Coolorado happen. What is Coolorado? Coolorado is more than an aesthetic; it’s a state of mind.

In another post, I write about how microvideos – which I like to define as videos that are 30 seconds or less in length – can be particularly effective at conveying mood and a sense of place to an audience. In this post I want to highlight an internal, student-targeted campaign that was effective in both getting across a simple message and evoking a feeling of contemporary Colorado cool, or Coolorado, if you will…

The campaign brief was that Pingree Park (CSU’s mountain campus), Residence Life and Conference & Events Services were collaborating to market their summer jobs to current students via social media and digital screens in the residence halls on campus. Visually inspired by the recent rebranding of the Admissions website, I mixed archive film of the Rockies with my own footage into a short piece directing students towards the job postings while also getting them excited about the possibility of staying in Northern Colorado for the summer.

To do this, I tried to evoke Coolorado, which I see as a synthesis of a traditional portrayal of the Rocky Mountain West – with its vast landscapes and abundant wildlife – with human-focused imagery of modern Colorado that highlights progressive themes including minimalist architecture and sustainability. By juxtaposing these two sometimes conflicting visions of Colorado, I feel like we were able to create something that felt new, exciting and unexpectedly harmonious.

The campaign itself was a success. These areas saw a record number of applications for their summer jobs and we had more than 1000 unique views across platforms in the course of a day. But I was mostly glad that I got to rock the #Coolorado hashtag.