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Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day

This year, CSU pulled out all the stops (and candy hearts) for Valentine’s Day; the labor of love was more than just an idiom.

Let’s face it, brands can’t ignore Valentine’s Day on social, but not everyone digs the day of love.

Instead of making Valentine’s Day all about the love between couples, we made sure our Ram community felt loved by their University. This is how.

Note: All the content we created, we shared with our campus partners to share with their CSU social audiences, as well.

Puppy Love photo contest

03 Karina

CSU partnered with the Veterinary Teaching Hospital to host a photo contest where we asked our social audience to submit pictures with their four-legged sweethearts. This took the focus of Valentine’s Day away from relationship statuses and directed it toward a playful photo album.

What platforms were used? We asked for submissions from our audiences on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Instagram, and then shared the submitted photos on those same channels. For our hashtag-friendly platforms, we promoted the contest using #CSUPuppyLove.

As for timing, we promoted the contest Monday (Valentine’s Day was Saturday), and shared the submissions album Friday.

Did it work? We received more than 180 submissions into the contest. It was one of our most popular social media contests to date.

CSU Sweethearts Video

csu.valentineWe decided to capture the “couples” side of Valentine’s Day through our staff and faculty. After searching campus for partners who both worked at CSU, we filmed the couples answering questions about each other, The Dating Game style (you can watch the video above).

What platforms were used? We directly uploaded the video to Facebook, and we uploaded it to YouTube to make it easily shareable on Twitter and G+.  We shared the video on Valentine’s Day.

Did it work? The video had 19,900 views on Facebook and reached more than 53,000 people.

Ram Valentines

We wanted our Rams to feel loved by their University, so we created CSU-themed Valentine’s Day cards, and used “We love you, Rams. Will you be ours?” as the album description.

What platforms were used? We shared the graphics on Facebook, G+, and Twitter the day before Valentine’s Day, and on CSU’s Snapchat account on Valentine’s Day.

Did it work? The album received almost 600 likes, 44 shares, and Rams even tagged their sweetheart on their favorite card.

Be CAM’s Valentine Snapchat Contest

If there’s one thing Rams love, it’s their mascot, CAM the Ram. We had to get him in on the action.

cam.valentine.2014The day before Valentine’s Day, we asked CAM’s Snappers to write him a Valentine’s Day message on a picture of a candy heart. The Snapper who came up with CAM’s favorite message was named his Valentine on Snapchat (along with a CSU t-shirt, of course).

Did it work? CAM received ten candy-heart messages and one date for Valentine’s Day.


If you’re going to get in on holiday fun, make sure to be inclusive of your entire audience and create content everyone will enjoy. Don’t be afraid to use that content on multiple social media platforms if the content is appropriate for other platforms.